Lady Day

Lady Day, celebrated so soon after the start of the year is a celebration of Our Lady returned to us, bringing the Way of Heaven to us on Earth. We have celebrated Her return to us and the freeing of all souls from separation from the Mother; now Our Lady brings us gentle wisdom for navigating this world and remembering Her in all things.



The New Year has arrived! The year of Sai Vikhë, 3337 has dawned!



A day out of time - the end of the year. I really like this photo, with the Persephone symbolism of the pomegranate, coupled with the clock and the reminder of time behind it - it seems perfect for this day beyond time.

There is a lot of discussion and beautiful meaning behind the sacrifice of the Daughter. In writing on the meaning of sacrifice in Filianism and Deanism, Race MoChridhe illustrates what the Daughter does for us perfectly:
    The Daughter’s sacrifice is ultimate because the effect of her descent was to bring Her Mother’s Light into every corner of the cosmos—inseparably to bond the nature of every created thing back to the divine nature. She is the love that holds the stars within their courses (The Crystal Tablet, v. 34), and in this way is Herself become the quintessence—the fifth element that binds the other four together to make manifest existence possible.

    Hanged upon the pillar of the world, She is become that pillar, replacing its being with Her own like minerals replace bone in a fossil, so that all creation hangs now upon Her. (Remembering, of course, that the Mythos expresses in the language of time truths which are outside of time, such that we should not imagine that there was ever a time when the cosmos was not constituted thus.) To bond a thing indissolubly with God’s own being is, of course, the greatest possible “making sacred” of it, and thus the greatest possible sacrifice.

    It is not that we have nothing as valuable as a divine child to give up, but that we cannot possibly make anything more sacred than She has already made it. Americans might think of the words of Abraham Lincoln when, in his famous Gettysburg Address, he declared of that battlefield where so many had been slain that, “We are come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place… But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far beyond our meagre power to add or detract.”

    So must we say of the whole cosmos in the light of the Daughter’s sacrifice.
In a very strict, thealogical sense, then, there is only one, and has only ever been one, and can only ever be one sacrifice, and that is the sacrifice which the Daughter is eternally making.
All of creation is only possible because of the Daughter's descent & sacrifice, and this is the 'day' in which it happens - it is also the day in which we are symbolically cut off from the Mother. For Hiatus, then, we cover all images of the Mother and the Daughter - veiling both pictures and statues - and keeping ourselves present in the current moment, instead of planning for the future.

Many also wear headcoverings/veils on this day if they are able to. Some wear black, as in mourning. Prayers to the Mother to save Her Daughter and special chants are especially appropriate today.

May everyone be brought in safety and health to the new year!  



Kala is the last day of the Filyanic Year, the final day of the calendar. Following this is a day outside of time, not marked on our calendars; the year begins anew after this gap.

Med Moura

A day to celebrate all the women in our lives we look up to - our role models, our mothers (whether biological or otherwise), our teachers, leaders, wise sisters: today we remember them with some small gift of kindness, be it a physical present, all wrapped up and pretty, or a gift of our own attentions, time, & smiles!

This year, my mother is busy all day accomplishing awesome things, so I shall have to think of something to surprise her with after all her hard work out and about! I'll try to get my homework started in the earlier part of the day and tidy up in the house for when she comes home: she loves a tidy space best of all.


Amity Day

Happy Amity Day everyone! May Thea and Her Angels bless you, and everyone have a very sweet day!



Moura is very nearly here, so here's a hopefully handy timeline of events that takes place in this season. It's the same information as on the Mother God website, just put on a picture for easy reference!

I had gotten a question about what the meaning of mistress is in this context, so here is a bit more explanation on the term:

    Mistress, both by definition and as used by those who write the articles on the Mother God website, means someone with some power or rule over others - which can be big, as big as an empress of a vast empire, or something closer to home like your mother, a teacher of some sort that you look up to, even the manager of a store.

    So a spiritual mistress would be someone such as a spiritual or life coach, a priestess or other type of religious teacher: someone respected, trustworthy, whom you look up to and turn to for guidance on matters of spirituality, religious practices, life choices, etc. I’m not totally sure what they mean by an art mistress, but I would imagine someone along the same lines: a teacher or coach that helps/supports you in learning and practicing your art or craft.

    So Med Moura would be kind of like Mother’s Day in the secular calendar, but expanded a bit more to celebrate and thank all the women in these types of positions, the women we look up to and trust: a day just to say thank you and that we really appreciate them for all they do and the burthens they carry to care for others.
Moura is also a time of taking on disciplines: usually this takes the form of either giving something up for the period, or adding something to our routines. Some give up food items, such as sweets, alcohol, or caffeine; some add in studying more or applying themselves more than they have been to goals they intend to achieve; others pray more often or try to pray more consistently - whatever is within reach for you. This could also be a great time for charity work or similar efforts.

As shown on the image, Med Moura is a time for taking a quick respite from all these efforts. You can have your sweets or indulge in some coffee, take a break from studying, and just generally be a little lax in whatever you have decided to do for this month. Good for a day in which we are celebrating mothers, teachers, and role models in our lives - we can all be positive and happy with a bit of a sugar rush going again! XD